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IoT – The Technology Story
With an  increase in  processes such as  mobile-based  operations,  digital  payments, home  automation,  connected  car  technology and Industry 4.0, amongst others, devices have become better connected than ever. Clearly, Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the ways we live,  operate and perform  tasks in  our daily  lives. By connecting devices other than  computers and  smartphones,  IoT has ventured successfully in domains such as manufacturing, logistics,  utilities and automotive industry, and has also seen rapid progression in  areas like agriculture and healthcare.

As the market value of IoT is expected to grow exponentially leading to significant progress in  providing end-to end IoT solutions  across all industries and larger employment opportunities.
The  world is  changing every second. To  be  able to  lead in this  dynamic world, it is  not enough  to know the  theories alone.  One must continuously feel the pulse of change and adapt at lightning speed to opportunities that lie ahead. It needs immense courage to challenge status quo and embrace the new. Even if that means disrupting your own path. The new disruptive world is not about achieving set goals but rather about creating new journeys that lead to new worlds.

IoT, as an industry, is at a booming phase and has seen a wide range of adoption across various domains. One of the major contributions made by IoT has been  in the form of career opportunities. New jobs roles such  as Application Developer, IoT-EMS Engineer, IoT Product Manager and IoT Cloud Architect, among others have become available in this sector.
Course content 
Sem 1: Electonics + IoT Basics
The learning outcomes of this module are that students learn how to synergise the of Electronic principles in IoT. In this module, students are exposed to the domain of Networking technology and  learn  the principles of programming with pseudocodes and PLT. Embedded-C programming concept provide strong  fundamentals and lead on  to Microcontrollers working with Arduino and NodeMCU. This module, students undertake live projects along with solving multiple industry case studies

Sem 2: IoT Gateways
The learning outcomes of this module hinges upon deep-diving with python programming and RTOS (Real Time Operating System) tools. In this module,  student learn the  usage of the Raspberry  Pi device and its usage in different programming scenarios. Student learn the M2M and Web  Services ecosystem  in addition to gaining  depth in IoT  protocols and the  Connectivity suite.  The module  has live projects along with multiple industry case studies for increasing student exposure
Sem 3: IoT in Cloud & Mobile
In  this  module,  students are  exposed  to the  Cloud computing ecosystem for IoT platforms. Practical exposure in Docker and Microservices are included to provide technology understanding  and strength of learning to the students. Students also learn how
 to use the Java language along with the MySQL database in the IoT framework. Students learn the implementation framework of Android Apps with in-built databases. Students are exposed to the IOT security framework and its working in this module. Student learning is reinforced with live projects and solving multiple case studies to strengthen learning outcomes

Sem 4: IoT Analytics
As  this module  has  great  significance  with  Data  Analytics, the students   begin  with a   refresher  course  in  mathematics  and statistics, which helps them to understand data intricacies.Python programming is re-visited, but with Data Analytics where students learn numerical computing using packages. This module exposes the students to the No-SQL database like MongoDB and the CRUD model  and its  usage with  Cloud database  services. Exposure to Anomaly Detection  and Ingestion for  real-time analysis  with AWS Kinesis and TensorFlow gives students the extra-edge. The module also  exposes  the  student  learning on  Data Visualization and  ML using Python  and  Geospatial  data and  basic exposure to  ML with Python. The module ends  with actual projects using MongoDB and MapReduce with Data visualization and analysis for RPi
The  SmartLab  3.0  learning solution blends  technology  and  classroom  learning meaningfully. It  engages  the  students through active learning strategies and is the key to building strong concepts and confidence. The methodology integrates employability skills, task based learning, simulated  workplace  and 70% of time being  allocated to  practical work and  troubleshooting. This kind of learning environment provides students a practical real world experience of an actual workplace.
Smartlabplus 3.0
Flipped Classroom
Pre learning at home, Practise in class
Case Studies & Scenarios
Understand concepts through real life situations
Think - Pair - Share
Learn to work in teams
Enhanced learning through videos and simulations
Role Play
Work in the classroom
Brain Storming
Links knowledge or experience with the discussion in class
Get hands-on training
Improve your retention power
Test your knowledge and skills
Mind Map
Revise and remember things for a longer time
Group Work
Develops skills like taking initiative, leadership and conflict resolution
Target Segment
This course is designed for:
  •  Graduate / Pursuing Graduation (Any stream, preferred with mathematics and programming background)
  •  High-School Pass-out (with sound logic, interest in Electronics & Programming)
  •  Industry Professionals
  •  Enthusiasts from across industry vertical
Course Title & Duration
Masters in IoT Technology
4 Modules & 832 Hours of Learning. 
  •  Complete Stack Program
  •  Unique Offering 
  •  Projects modeling on real-life Implementation
  •  Case Studies
  •  One Course covering 6 verticals (IMS, Software Programming, Databases, Cloud, IOT, Analytics)
  •  Advanced Technology. Affordable Fees 
  •  Anyone can Study – No Restrictions
  •  Multi-Platform – Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  •  Adds New Customer - Working Professionals
  •  Refresher in Mathematics & Statistics for Data Science (Bridge module in the start of Sem-4)
Aben Thomas
"Without this course, I don’t know where I would be. You made a major difference in my life. All those times that you have gone the extra mile for me, I really did notice. Your belief in me makes me believe in myself. Due to all your efforts and patience, I am working with a MNC company."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $5000
Cynthia Methew 
"As I am from a Government school, my communication skills were not good. I started my learning journey with intensive English training along with technical classes. I got successfully placed in a MNC as an under-graduate and later moved to a bigger MNC. I am thankful to the training and the life which I could not even have imagined 2 years ago."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $6000
Jason Smith
"I am very happy with my placement.I am grateful for all the guidance and technical knowledge provided. The Course also improved my communication skills and confidence in appearing for interviews."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $8800
Francis Rebelo
"I made the right decision when i was looking up various institutes and finally enrolled into this advanced course. Thank you for making my basics strong. I was successfully placed in a MNC company and got promoted within 5 months."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $5000
 Jessica Warner 
"Both the course and faculties are excellent. It has been the most practical training I have ever received. The course is extremely professional and the material is practical, clear and concise. It provided me with the perfect foundation for my IT career. I would highly recommend this advanced course to my friends and others."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $25000
Steve Boucher
"Before joining this course, I was not sure what to do with my career. But after completing the course, I got the right platform to start my career. It's been nearly 5 years and I have never looked back. I am very satisfied with my decision which has proved that there is no disadvantage of being a girl in technical domain."
Current CTC:
Salary USD $7000
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